The world is waiting for an encounter with Jesus.

Fire & Fragrance, South-Africa, is a community located in Potchefstroom, dedicated to train and equip individuals with a diversity of skill sets to bring revival & reformation in all nations and spheres of society.

Our current focus areas

Prayer room

Contend in intercession and exalt Jesus in worship.

End Bible Poverty

We say “YES” to see every person in Southern Africa have the bible in their own language.


Center your life on Jesus. Learn to hear God’s voice. Discover God’s calling on your life.


In all spheres of society & through partnerships in different ministries.

3 billion people have never experienced the power of the Gospel or the love of Jesus. We believe you are the solution.

Discipleship Training school (DTS)

3 billion people do not know Jesus. We are going to change that. Travel to the ends of the earth to share the Gospel.

Community Involvement

No DTS required. We want to serve what God is doing in the community of Potchefstroom, South-Africa. Join us in short term outreaches, prayer room sets, local church involvements & more…


“I am a close friend and full supporter of Fire & Fragrance, a ministry of Youth With A Mission. Fire & Fragrance has a commendable vision to train and release an army of Jesus-lovers who live the first commandment and walk in authority and power in the second commandment.”

Mike Bickle, Director of IHOPKC

“Fire & Fragrance is one of the purest ministries I have seen. Their love for the Father, their passion for Jesus and their openness to the Holy Spirit is absolutely beautiful. Fire & Fragrance rocks!”

Heidi Baker PhD, Founding Director Iris

We would love to connect with you! Send us an email if you have any questions & want to know more on what we’re about.

Youth With A Mission in South Africa offers courses and field assignments that are accredited with the University of the Nations international (UofN). The UofN is operating in over 100 nations worldwide and is a degree-granting institution (Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s degree) but is NOT CURRENTLY ACCREDITED BY ANY ACCREDITATION AGENCY OR ASSOCIATION RECOGNISED BY THE SOUTH AFRICAN QUALIFICATIONS AUTHORITY (SAQA).

Various accredited colleges and universities across the world accept UofN transfer students and credits.