Discipleship Bible School


What is a DBS?

A DBS is a 3 month Bible school where students will read through all 66 books of the Bible while focusing on God’s redemptive plan, His character and nature, Biblical principles, all while being in a tight-knit community going after God together. If you long to know the Word of God, encounter the Lord through the Scriptures, and grow spiritually, the DBS is for you! If you sign up with FFSA to do the DBS, you will also be in full-time ministry. As a base, we are committed to our local community. This includes high schools & university campuses, prayer room & worship, RTC, children’s reading programs, local rehab centers, evangelism, and more. You will get the opportunity to live out what you learn on a daily basis. We are committed to seeing the Word of God impact South Africa. 

2022 Dates:

  • Arrival Day: Aug 21
  • F&F SA Orientation, Gathering, & Domestic Outreach: Aug 22-31
  • DBS Lecture phase: Sept 2 – Nov 17
  • DBS Outreach phase: Nov 18 – Nov 27


FFSA Gathering & Domestic Outreach:

TBA (Start to budget around R5000 / $350 USD)

DBS Lecture Phase:

R20,000 / $1,300 USD

DBS Outreach Phase:

R15,000 / $1000 USD

Youth With A Mission in South Africa offers courses and field assignments that are accredited with the University of the Nations international (UofN). The UofN is operating in over 100 nations worldwide and is a degree-granting institution (Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s degree) but is NOT CURRENTLY ACCREDITED BY ANY ACCREDITATION AGENCY OR ASSOCIATION RECOGNISED BY THE SOUTH AFRICAN QUALIFICATIONS AUTHORITY (SAQA).

Various accredited colleges and universities across the world accept UofN transfer students and credits.