Our Values

Fire & Fragrance is a YWAM community


We are circle within YWAM committed to raising up a generation that carries a fire in their hearts for Jesus that becomes the fragrance of Christ to the lost.

By joining the Great Commandment with the Great Commission we keep the fire in our hearts stoked with love for Jesus and the lost.



Our first priority is to put Jesus at the center of everything we do. The fire of intimacy in our hearts becomes the fragrance of Christ to the lost.


We want to see a generation fully awakened to the love of God. We believe God can still grab the attention of entire nations. We continually stir our spirits with faith to align with God’s dreams.


We are living with purpose and mission. Therefore, we joyfully run from everything that hinders our relationship with God or gets in the way of our mission. We set ourselves apart so God can fully utilize our energy, finances and passion.


Spiritual awakening will lead to a great reformation in society. As people come to understand and apply the teaching of Jesus, every area of society will be transformed.

Culture of Revival


All of life was meant to flow from abiding in His presence. Presence centered living is the privilege of every believer. The natural result of a life lived from the presence will be extravagance in every area of life.


The culture of celebration radically emulates the life of Jesus in the way He walked in joy, celebrated the value of every individual, and spoke words of life. With holding love is an epidemic in humanity. Jesus modeled a different way of life. He operated in a deep joy based in His Father’s love, spoke words of life, and operated in and taught unconditional love towards the lost and His disciples. Jesus lived a life of celebration: bringing the joy of Heaven to release life into the depravity of humanity.


Love is outlandish, extravagant, long-suffering, and never ending. The love of Christ knows no limits. There is no heart too hard, no place too difficult, and no border too closed. Christ, in His love, is not intimidated by sin or brokenness and relentlessly works to seek and save the lost. He is active in the very core of His emotions and movement of love towards His creation. His love is active and willing to be constantly inconvenienced.


Faith is based on the nature and character of God. If He is good, He can be trusted above all else. The wrestle in the Christian life is often between knowing faith as a concept and living faith as a reality. Faith can’t be something we just put on when we need something impossible done. Faith isa way of seeing, a perspective on all of life, and a way of living no matter the circumstances.


Holiness is found in delighting in God. Holy is what we are because of our position in Christ and holiness is the outflow of that identity through our decisions and choices.Holiness is not drudgery but rather it is delighting in God who is Holy. Many of us have spent our lives trying “not” to do certain things without having been told that there is actually a beautiful alternative to every struggle we have had in areas of purity and morality. His name is Jesus.


Jesus never uses the word leader to refer to the disciples or his future followers.However, the word servant is used multiple times to refer to Jesus’ own leadership and the culture that his followers are to walkout in how they would lead. To Jesus, servanthood is leadership and leaders who don’t serve are not kingdom leaders.

Youth With A Mission in South Africa offers courses and field assignments that are accredited with the University of the Nations international (UofN). The UofN is operating in over 100 nations worldwide and is a degree-granting institution (Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s degree) but is NOT CURRENTLY ACCREDITED BY ANY ACCREDITATION AGENCY OR ASSOCIATION RECOGNISED BY THE SOUTH AFRICAN QUALIFICATIONS AUTHORITY (SAQA).

Various accredited colleges and universities across the world accept UofN transfer students and credits.